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    you guys talk alot about BF%
    you get that by using skin fold calipers am i right?
    I live in the UK and we don`t hear a lot about this
    you yanks are usualy way ahead of us on these things
    can anyone help with use and purchase or do you use something else

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    If your gym doesn't have skin fold calipers than find a new gym!!!

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    There are many different ways to measure your BF%, some are more accurate than others. Calipers are probably in the middle between water displacement or air plethysmography (Most accurate) and Height and Circumference Methods( Least accurate).

    Calipers can be pretty accurate if the person doing it knows what they are doing and if you use 7-9 sites on the body. You can purchase skin fold calipers on the internet fairly easily. It is a plus if your gym has them, but if the person doing to the test has no clue what they are going the results could be way off!

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