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    Smile opinions please on my diet

    first of all here are my stats
    age 46
    weight 185lbs
    my diet consists of
    7 am
    low fat cottage cheese on 1 slice wholemeal bread
    50g oats and a 40g protein shake (whey) mixed together

    10.30 am
    50g tuna with tea spoon flax seed oil
    100g chicken
    100g sweet potatoes or yams (just changed these from ordinary potatoes)
    some pieces of fruit grapefruit,pears,peaches

    same as above

    50g oats 40g protein shake mixed together
    low fat yogurt

    train at 5pm

    40g protein/80g WMS shake straight after training

    300g sweet potatoes and cod or chicken

    low fat yogurt and some fruit
    100g tuna

    try and have 20g protein drink during the night

    thats it roughly
    total calories 3800, protein 350 (40%) carbs 400g (53%)
    any thoughts don`t think i`m getting enough essential fatty acids
    I want to gain some good muscle
    also is it important to eat the same meals on non training days as i train one miss one doing my whole body twice over 8 days
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