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    When your insulin is spiked.....

    ... should you try to avoid fats as much possible?!?!

    or are EFA's (nuts, avacados, olive oils, etc...) ok to consume?

    since i read that insulin puts minerals in there place (Protein in muscles and carbs to deliver them) i thought that maybe it will automatically send FATS, whether they be good or not, to be stored as fat

    is this true??? reason i ask if because i have great GREAT PWO meals!! But by the time i eat everything, my shakes and food, im at about 10g of fat

    the 10g of fat btw is just 1.5g sat., 3g poly and 5.5g mono, so as you can see the fats arent bad..... but again, should fats be avoided all together? or is this just a misunderstanding?

    thanks alot guys in advance!! i look forward to eharing some great responses!!

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    insulin doesn't mean fat storage. it means that in excess it may begin converting glucose into glycogen... which still isn't fat storage. however in a surplus of calories it could potentially begin fat storage so fats should be avoided. in a PWO meal i don't see the need for fats at all seeing as you should be eating somewhere between 1-2 hours afterwards. so fats for satiety are out. but a little fat, such as that found in lean meat or some carb sources is negligible and besides counting it toward your daily caloric total shouldn't be a concern IMO....
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    great thanks!!

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