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    Help putting up new diet/regime together.

    Hi all, newb here...

    Well, I'm trying to stick to a new healthy regime by overhauling my eating habits. I came across this board a few weeks ago and have learned a lot from a few of you guys. Fact is, all this new information coming in is overwhelming me so I want to take things step by step.

    W/out further adew, here are my stats before posting my goals and what I'm precisely trying to accomplish:

    -29yrs old
    -171 lbs, 151 LBM
    -13.7 to 14% BF
    -Have been training steadily for the past 2 yrs w/the occasional breaks every 3 or 4 months... breaks last from 2 wks to 3wks max. I work out a minimum of 3 days/wk with 30mins Cardio Bwo or Pwo, as of late, I've been sticking to 30mins Cardio Pwo.

    My goals are:

    -to bulk leaner to 185 or 190 lbs with 10-12bf or less if naturally achievable. -I'm not into AAS, yet, as I have not exploited my natural/genetic limits... Though I have to mention, that I've been taking 3IUs of HGH (somatrophin in 15mg pen --hell expensive) 5days/2off every morning as soon as I wake up before work. I'm on my 5th week as of today, going on to my 6th wk, next week.

    About my diet/eating habits/regime:

    This is where I'm having the biggest problem of all. I'm doing whatever it takes to internalize this aspect of my life. As of last week, I've been eating oatmeals, eggs, tuna, yams, potatoes, and veggies... however, it's not easy to stick up to this as I'm growing bore on the same foods. I'm trying to learn how to cook chicken/fish/lean steaks & beef, but so far no luck as I'm currently single w/out a lady to teach me but I'm working on this.

    This is my question to all of you who can help/share your insights/regime:

    1) How do I sucessfully stick up to a healthy diet.

    2) Do you have an idea of what else should I add to my list of groceries, so I can have more variety.

    Any help/pointers/tips/ and diet advice/improvements from you guys is/will be extremely helpful and appreciated!

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    bump, how did you make out?

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