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    Post workout repleneshing meal??

    Hi there guys,

    I have been reading lotsa threads about the post workout 'golden hour' but also that eating only a while afterwards is better - to maintain your body's fat burning mode. I have read (and personally do this myself) that you should have high glycemic carbs + mid glycemic carbs + protein source eg. shake like 15 minutes after training - for recovery. Is this not constituted as a 'meal', in other words, if trying to lean out, would you still have this straight afterwards and then have a proper meal like 1 - 1.5hours after?

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    Yes that time right after working out is very important for recovery. Even with trying to loose weight you should not skip the post workout period. I would rather skip or go light on other eating times during the day. Hey even chocolate milk is a good post cardio workout drink.

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    Fastman is right on....

    If you are on a cutting phase, cut out carbs earlier in the day to allow for them later. Normally on a cutting phase you want to maintain a steady blood insulin level, which is why you go for lower carbs, lower glycemic carbs, and multiple meals. When your insulin spikes, you go into storage mode, not burning mode. But this is crucial for post workout to create an anabolic , not a catabolic state. You need to replenish those glycogen stores, and the insulin spike is needed for that and other nutrients to repair the damage tissue.

    When cutting, I take it easy on carbs. I change my workout set/rep/ rest period scheme and don't tear down the muscle as much. More of an intense aerobic, lighter weight, higher rep. , concentrating on the contraction and shaping my muscles. Then I do cause some tissue damage so I have a post workout shake, but by then it is usually 10pm for me, so I don't eat further afterwords. I am not tearing the muscle down as much to require more than the 60g protein and carbs I get from my drink. Mass cycle is a different story.

    Also, shakes are better immediately post work out, as they are "post digested", meaning the proteins are already broken down and can more readily get into your blood stream and to the muscles... Where as a steak would take a long time to process....

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    Right on Tite .......

    A protein shake is reccomended post workout .... for its quick absorbtion .... but of course, depending on your training goals at the time other methods or foods/supps may be considered

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