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    So hard to stay on a deit

    I just started a diet monday it now tuesday around 2:30 a.m. and I feel off the wagon. Ever since my last cycle in august I've been eating like a champ, I eat too much. I mean I'm not fat but I would like to keep my body fat down. I gained size but also got bf too. I would like too get my BF down befour my next cycle in JAN. A few years ago it was so easy for me to loose weight. I mean I lost 250pds in 14 months. I was so motivated and dedicated and focused on looseing the weight. I need to get back into the game starting right now. Hard work payed off for me once it will again. (HOPEFULY)

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    Man, I hear that, I'm in the same boat- two years ago I dropped a good 25 lbs and hit my goal without much difficulty, now I'm back in a position where I'm trying to do it again to get to the same point and it's hard! Don't know what's different with the psychology this time, I think it has something to do with trying not to affect lifts even though it's inevitable to some effect...

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