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    i don't understand

    hy bro's , as usual i have a question
    I want to get big , really big , but please help me out here
    as i believe, to get big you have to eat a lot , at least a few 1000 of calories , but as i asked some people in the medicine business , they told me , all the calories you don't burn , it is transform to fat ??? and if i eat a damn lot , my belly is going to much out of form , so what is the solution here ??? eating poor with much calories or eating a lot with poor calories ??? but then i have the belly problem ,,, i'm going 3 times a week for a damn work-out , now i'm at 165 pound or 75 kilo's before i was 176 pound or 80 kilo's ; it was better before , stopped my sus/deca
    for 3 months and lost 5 kilo , i love to get big back ....
    please help me out here ..
    greets from Belgium

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    Well its true that if you consume more cals then you burn it will turn to fat the same as excess protein.This is why when bulking you consume the greater amount of cals in the morning and taper them off in the afternoon,your metabolic rate is higher in the morning and therefore you will use more.

    Saying that if you are training hard you will need the extra cals for energy.When I bulk I workout my daily calories and increas it by 250 then the following week by 50 until I reach 500 extra cals.I stick at that until i find the weight gain has stopped and I will slowly 8increase that by 100 until I get the weight I want,doing it slowly means the body can adjust and it will not be stored as fat.

    If you give the body regular meals it is likely to burn more than if you were to skip meals

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