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    Getting back into it... but low carbs and creatine.. bad idea?

    I haven't lifted since before summer time while i was not eating carbs at all to shred fat. I gave up lifting as soon as the summer came and ate whatever i want and drank whenever i wanted to get drunk and smoked whenever i wanted to get high, just to eat again. lol
    It's been real hard to try to get back into the routines but i got off my lazy ass today and went to the gym and decided i need to get back into it.

    I grew a flabbier tire on my waist and belly and my chest look like little boobies on top of that my muscles strunk everywhere obv.

    Im going to carb shock my body and keep my carbs to around 60 grams a day and get my cardio in once a day.

    I plan on taking bcaa's during and after working out and creatine after i work out with the bcaas and protein aswell

    I know that creatine works well with high carb diets but ive done this before and i feel that i can work with the amount of carbs i intake for the creatine to gain muscles back while shedding some fat aswell.

    i weigh about 170 and don't know my bodyfat % but i will add a pic of myself so you guys can judge yourself.

    This is going to be my daily diet routine

    1. 4 eggwhites, whole wheat bread slice

    2. a chicken breast, steak or can of tuna with olive oil or mayo w *****3's

    3. Lifting with a shake of the bcaa's

    4. pwo shake with a teaspoon of creatine and a tablespoon of dextrose.

    5. pwo meal - steak/chicken/turkey burger with some veggies and around 20grams of carbs from rice or bread.

    6. similar meal to #2

    I would just like to ask for some opinions bout this and i was wondering..
    -should i stack creatine for the first week back?
    -I heard some bcaa's cause cortisol. should i worry bout this while im trying to cut fat especially around my waist?
    -should i stack creatine for the first week back?
    -how much dextrose should i put in my pwo shake with the teaspoon of creatine?

    id appreciate all the feedback. thank you

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    First are not that far gone. There is hope buddy!

    You need to first post your stats (age, height, weight). The important thing we now know is that you want to cut.

    So find out your calorie needs by going to and using their calculators, there is also a stickie with this link in it here in the DIET forum.

    Add up your current "diet" you posted using and then we can begin to assist you. Let's worry about getting the diet good before worrying about supplements.
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