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    Thumbs up 2nd dbol only,1st gained 25lb's&kept :-)),diet advice please...

    Hi,I'm about to start my second dbol only cycle as I am not looking to inject,I wanna just bulk and was very happy with my first dbol only cycle.
    I am taking a different approach this time,first cycle was 30mg/day for 8 weeks (with milk thistle and nolva pct),this one will be 15/20mg for 10 weeks with weekends off.
    I didn't enjoy sides from first cycle,got minor gyno so wasn't going to up dose and after research I believe a lower dose for longer period of time (with milk thistle and nolva pct) with weekends off will work better and without the bloat.
    I'm 180lb's,5'10",quite cut..what kind of diet should I be looking at for this 2nd cycle?.
    What should my daily calorie and water intake be?.
    Any help greatly appreciated,thanks guys.

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    erm ikno you want answers to ur questions but im jus gna say dnt do a dbol only cyle mate there a horible cycle i kno coz iv bin there

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    inside my mind
    u just asked this in the steroid Q&A forum you on a dbol diet?

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