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    Need help/advice!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm 19 years old and still 120 pounds. I'm trying to get into the US Air Force but at my height (5'10) I need to be at 190 pounds. I have been working on gaining weight (eating heavily, protein, creatine) and lifting since I was 17 and haven't seen any results, I am still extremely skinny. I need advice on how to gain weight now even if I have to take some anabolics, my friends have done it I have no problem going that route. Please help?

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    I'll move this to the diet forum, read the posts at the top on bulking diets, follow it closely and you will gain. You don't need steroids .

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    ^^^^ agreed.. At that weight you'll end up hurting yourself more than doing any good.. You just need to get your diet in check, you'll be able to gain so much weight with a good diet you'll call yourself a fool for even considering AAS

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    Exactly. Take a look at the diet stickys, put together and post a bulking diet and many people would be happy to critique it and help you out brother.

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