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    skinny mans diet

    im somewhat skinny with just a little gut. so do i need to watch what i eat like larger people? is it still bad to eat junkfood or do i need to eat things like that to put on weight?

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    Skinny, fat, short, tall, 5 years old, 65 years old...ITS ALWAYS BAD to eat junk food man. C'mon you NEVER need junk food to gain weight, its complete poison, why do you think its called JUNK. Absolutely just terrible for you no matter what your weight or metabolism is.

    It's the worst excuse in the world and makes no sense, "I have a fast metabolism so putting junk food in my body is ok."

    Might as well say, "oh my Lamborghini has a fast engine so its ok to pour maple syrup into the gas tank."

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