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Thread: New to Diets

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    New to Diets

    Ok I have never been the type of person that eats well. I eat junk food, oily food, fatty stuff and just never cared. I always thought as long as I am going to the gym I can eat what I want.

    Now, I am planning to lose weight (my fatty bits), while at the same time lifting light towards some definition. What I need help on is what sort of foods/diet is best for my situation. I want a diet that will cater for losing weight without hindering muscle development.

    Naturally, I understand that I will need to do some cardio, this is another area ignored by me in the past and I would like to change that. I am considering jogging/walking, but the question is, how many miles per day will it take to get the fat rolling off ?

    Thanks a lot!

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    For losing fat while maintaing muscle I prefer high protein, low carbs and moderate fat. Here is a simple example diet;

    8am- 8 egg whites 1/2 cup oatmeal
    11am- Chick breast, broccoli tbls olive oil
    2pm- Can tuna 15 almonds
    5pm- pwo shake 50g whey w/ banana
    8pm- chick breast, sweat potato, green beans
    11pm- 50g casein protein w/ 2 tbls natty peanut butter

    This is just a simple diet of what I am talking about, just tot give you an idea.

    foods to eat;

    Fats- fish oil, flax oil, natty pb, olive oil
    Proteins- egg whites, whey, casein, chicken breast, center cut pork chop, tuna, salmon, lean steaks, 95% lean hamburger meat etc
    Carbs- oats, sweet potato, brown rice etc

    Eat as much green veggies as you want with every meal if you like..

    As for cardio I would begin with 30-35mins and up it as you see fit.
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    Try this article. You can find there 10facts articles about many types of diets and diet pills.

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