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    Trying to Bulk and lost some belly fat

    24 years old, soon to be 25
    Lifting weights for 3 years
    bf - not sure to be honnest

    Just looking for some insight on if im wasting my time, Im trying to bluk up for the winter months, however, I dont wanna add any more weight to the stomach area.

    Meal 1
    1 cup of oat meal or 2 slices of multigrain toast with peanut butter and a protien shake

    A deli meat sandwhich either ham or turkey on multigrain bread or a protien bar

    Meal 3
    1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of lean hamburg and a protien shake

    Meal 4
    1/2 cup of brown rice and a boneless skinless chicken breast with a low sugar weight gainer

    Meal 5 PWO
    Usually 1/2 a cup of oatmeal

    Meal 6
    1 cup of brown rice and a salmon fillet and a protien shake

    Before bed
    2 slicest of multi grain toast with peanut butter and a protien shake

    Now sometimes I substitue the chicken and eat steak or salmon, the only meat I consume is boneless skinless chicken breasts, steak and lean hamburg.

    I workout hard 5 days a week, I always do 20 minutes of cardio soon as I walk in the door, then I do whatever muscle I am training, then I do 3 hard ab workouts, then I hit the sauna for 15 to 20 minutes.

    The question I ask, is with what Im eating, is it impossible for me to gain some size and lose some of the belly fat or is the cardio, ab workouts and sauna a waste of time because of my diet?

    Im trying to get big and lose some fat, but I heard you can only do one or the other, either get big or cut up.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated

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    First off, having 6 protein shakes/bars a day is terrible you need to be eating real food.

    Secondly, you need to decide whether you want to bulk up or cut because it all depends on your diet and you can only have one diet to do one of those jobs. At 6 feet and under 200lbs I would suggest bulking and cutting later when you are at a respectable size.

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    Ok im going to slow down on the protien shakes and replace it with more high protien food.

    Its the winter, so I wanna bluk for sure, I would like to get to 210 or 220. So should I stop bothering with the cadio everyday and the abs and sauna, is it a waste of time since im trying to bulk or do think that would aid me in not getting more belly fat.

    Im hoping someone can help me on this, as im no pro thats for sure.

    My concern was if im trying to bulk and im doin all this cardio and stuff, that it is going to eat some of the nutrients im putting in my body everyday which could slow down my gains.

    What do you think on thats one guys?

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    i would cut first if you want the real look you can bulk all you want but if you have 20% body fat your still gonna look bad just bigger, im cutting first that way if i monitor my diet correctly ill never have to do it again unless i want to go to a show or over bulk or something like that but youll be happy when you see what you got coming out and realize its more improssive than a guy with 20 inch arms and a 44 inch waist imo

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    I agree with bb1107, get in shape first, then worry about size. That's what i'm trying to do anyways. So would you guys say it's safe to say, as long as you're eating 6 times a day(real food) and as long as you're keeping everything lean. (Even if you're not counting and messuring ever thing you eat. You'll get in great shape?

    I mean, we all know if you eat decent and work out hard, your abs come out your arms and pecs get rocked up ect ect. The thing I want to know is... Will counting each carb/pro/fat making sure you're getting that ideal amount really make that much of a dif? Is it like night a day or like lunch and brunch?

    The reason I want to know this so bad is becuase all that counting and trying to make sure i'm getting that magic # of whatever it is I need is what makes it so damn hard for me.

    can a man around 24 190lbs 6'2 not just do this everyday and get in great shape?

    wakeup-30 mins cardio

    8am 6 eggs 4 just whites. cup of oats

    10am cup lean groundbeef/chic/, cup brown rice, broc

    12pm turkey or 2 cans tuna 3 slices wheatbread

    2pm pre w/o banana and 1 scoop whey
    3pm post w/o within 5mins 2 scoops whey and 16 ounces of gatorade

    6pm 8oz samon brown rice broc v8

    9pm boneless grilled chic b w/cup almonds
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