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    Ok i am currently trying to bulk up which means..i am taking in alot of calories...i am more of an ectomorph than anything...but i can gain a little fat around my stomach but thats where else....i understand about quality calories and all that ...but my question is...i have to keep my calories high in order to keep my muscle how am i going to cut my calories when i cut..and still maintain my muscle mass and size?...or is it possiable...that i can keep my calories high...and just up my cardio alot?..but if i am taken in as many calories as i will that be effective at loseing body fat %?...also been training for 5 yrs...went from 123 to 175 only one cycle of 10 weeks 250mg test c...was 165 when i started the cycle also 5 8 or 5 9 on a good any advice would be appreciated.

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    Low intensity cardio will help to ensure fat is utilized over protein (muscle tissue), but you need to do it for a longer period... Look up carb cycling and keto dieting...

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    If you are eating 400 calories less than maintenance calories with cardo the muscle loss will be minimal. Also you will only be losing 1 to 2 pounds a week.

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    you keep calories high to maintain your lean body mass. when you do cardio and eat clean your body become more efficient at two things. 1. operating with your lean body mass in mind, 2. removing non-contributing tissue (adipose).

    cardio, and lifting provide "boosts" to the process by using that non-contributing tissue as fuel. doesn't really matter what kind of cardio you do as long as your pre and post cardio meals )if any) accurately support the specific route of cardio you are choosing to do.

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