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    I'm watching this thread. This thread will be inspirational to some in your shoes if you reach your goals (I'm sure you will).

    Keep it up mate.

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    Hi guys. I am truly sorry it has been so long. Life has been a little crazy. Do not want to get into it because it seems as if that is all I do is tell you about all the crap going on in my life. I just wanted to come on here and let everyone know how things are going. I have not been able to do much working out so i cut my calories a little and continued to lose a small amount of weight. I am currently down to 378lbs. From 441lbs I would say that is a HUGE step in right direction. I feel great.

    I just wanted to come in and say hi to everyone. I definitely have not forgetten about all of you. I will try to get on more often and give more updates as I will be able to hit the gym more frequently now. Thanks for all the support!

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