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    Wink pleae critique diet

    My cuurent diet is
    5'9 around 220 with 8 pack about 6-7 % bf clean for over 14 weeks

    this diet has scientific basis behind it

    7 am
    15 egg whites , 1 whole , 1 cup oatmea1 dry , 1/2 cup applesauce

    10 am
    10 oz lean beef

    10 oz chicken
    10 yam

    1 can tuna
    4 whole eggs
    2 tesapoon flax

    immediately before the gym
    pre workout
    36 grams dextrose
    5 grams creatine, glutemine
    18 grams whey protein

    immeditely after wards
    post 5 ius humloog
    5 grams gluteimen,creatine
    50 grams whey isolate
    75 grams carbs

    wait an hour and a half
    12 oz cottage chese fat free
    with 1 cup oatmeal dry

    will be 22 weeks clean receptors ought to be ready to go !!
    stack will start in january for junior national prep
    1 sus 2 cc eq for 8 weeks
    add in 50 mgs winny fom week 3-10 on
    3.5 ius gh with 5-8 us insulin training days
    t-3 25 mcgs every day

    let me know what you think

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    Your diet is pretty solid bro...but why the applesauce? Why not get the fiber and eat whole apples? I'd add a more fibrous veggies and more efa's though. Otherwise very nice planning. What is the scientific basis you speak of for this diet?

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    I think it is a better idea to have low GI carbs pre workout to give you more sustained energy so I would drop the dextrose (36g) and go with an apple or some fat free yogurt maybe some more oats. I would up your post workout carbs to 100g, 50g from maltodextrin and 50g from dextrose. Try to get hydrolized protein for your post workout meal to b/c you body can absorb it much faster than whey isolate.

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    Agreed with above ... nice DB /

    Applesauce ? Hmmmm,..... Quick carbs and lots of sugar .... unless sugarless kind ....

    Its a judgement call .... you decide

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    the applesauce is home made and unsweetened !! any other suggestion i can substitute or just eat more oatmeal? LOL

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    what happened to your 200 cups of broccoli a day?
    What happens here, stays here

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