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    Does Meringue = Protein Destruction??

    Hiya Guys,

    I have stated many times that I really like meringues - quick to make, keep for a long time, taste great and an easy way to get some extra protein.

    Now, I have read all over that cooking eggs eg. the typical morning meal of 10 eggwhites does not affect the protein, so it does not denature. Does anyone know if the process of making meringues (about 2 hours on a low temperature, about 120 celcius) affect the protein?


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    Cool Next we'll have guys eating quiche!!!

    Honestly, Xenithon, I don't know if low cooking of an egg white denatures the protein, but I wouldn't worry about it. If you like meringues, bro, go for it - and have a protein shake on the side. In other words, think of your diet as a big picture, looking at the amount of protein you get from many sources during the day.

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