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    rate this cutting cycle.

    rate this cuttting cycle
    what's up fellaz,

    i'm a begginner and going to be starting my first cycle. this was given to me from a forum member who i can't thank enough. i know he said i'm gonna go crazy by asking everryone but i just want to know cuz i am crazy.

    8 week cutting cycle on keto diet.

    6'0 232 lbs.

    week 1-8

    fina 76-100mg ed
    test prop 100mg ed

    week 3-8

    winnie 50mg ed

    t3 cycleon methog

    week 8-11 clomid let me know what u think

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    Originally posted by BIG TEXAN
    If you move this to the steroid board you'll probably get some more responses.

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