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    i wanted to ask all you guys what yall think the best
    diet for cutting fat is???? i need something in detail.
    i am 5'10 weigh 210.

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    Take a look at SK* post that he made called fat loss while on AS here in the diet section. Scroll down and take a look at the post that I made for him. If it sounds like somthing that you might be intrested in shoot me a PM and I'll work somthing up for you. I will be out of town until next week after thanksgiving ( I'm leaving Wednesday afternoon) but I will try to post somthing for you as soon as I get back.

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    Pat...Tobey is the man, check out his recipes section you will not be disappointed.

    So you want to lean up. Well the simplest and easiest way to do that is to consume less calories than you burn in the run of a day. The draw back is your body goes into a state af catabolism and you burn muscle as well as fat (been there done that). What you want is FAT loss....not wieght loss and they are two distinctivly different things. In order to maintain muscle and lose fat simutaneously do not plan on losing any more than 1-2 lbs per week (closer to 1lb/week is safer). In order to do this you need the right balence of diet, training and cardio. As far as diet goes lets use a 200lb athlete for example:

    As far as caloric needs I would recommend multiplying your body wieght by 12 200x12=2400 calories per day
    If you use the following ratio 50p/35c/15f your breakdown is: 1200cals pro / 840cals carbs / 360cals fat or 300g pro / 210g carbs / 40g fat....therefore your per meal totals would be 50g/35g/7g. You may even want to drop your daily carb intake to 150g or less once your body adjusts and fat loss slows. Every 2 weeks have a carb up day (600g). Hope this helps a bit.


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    Just a generic statement ...

    CARDIO 6 days a week in morning b4 breakfast ...

    Lower calories at least to BMR or fewer , raise protein , keep all carbs low and drop fat out as much as possible ....

    Pete showed some ratios you can calculate ...good luck

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    The guys have given you some good advice ,but if you require a good diet plan you need to provide more details at the time of writing the post that way things can be personlised for your stats and goals

    Good luck

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