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    CALLING ALL EXPERTS ON WEIGHT LOSS any experts in the house???????

    I was wondering how many calories I should consume per day so I can lose 1 pound of fat a week and retain all the muscle mass possible??? Can someone HELP me figure this one out??
    Im 5'6" 176lb about 12-13%bf

    I dont want my metabolism to slow down to much so my body stores everything as fat, Im just new to this dieting and wanna do it right!!!!

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    I woudn't consider myself an "expert" but I might be able to help. My calculations are a bit rough 176 lbs you should consume about 2700-3000 calories. Now subtract 500 calories from that and you should lose about 1 pound a week or so. You need to do a bit more research first....there's alot of threadson this already. Good luck.

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