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    adding raisans to your tuna..

    just curious.. i know raisans have a high sugar content.. but was wondering how much it realy matters since they are so high in fiber.. i always like to mix a small handfull of raisans into my can of tuna in order to add some flavor, but want to know what you'all think about it.... is it just adding useless sugars, or is it an acceptable idea??

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    it depends, i'll lay out some facts and let you decide

    Only the sweetest grapes are used for making raisins, so the sugar content of raisins is normally around 70% by weight. The majority of this is fructose, which has a high affinity for the liver(meaning that fructose replenishes liver glycogen first, muscle glycogen second, and fat stores last(assuming stable insulin levels)) which means that for someone in ketosis (like me), they would be counterproductive since the liver is also what produces ketones

    personally, a little is fine, but don't make it a staple and be careful to weigh them out the first few times since a little can make a big difference(remember that they are around 70% sugar by weight, so 100g of raisins is around 60-70g of sugar and 75-80g of carbohydrates)

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