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Thread: my diet

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    my diet

    i was told to post my dieton here so here i am
    (i was on a forum before asking advice about my testovorin cycle-dunno if that's relevent)
    I usually have a 4 egg tuna omlette for breakfast with a whey protien shake(twice a week i have 3 slices of toast with honey) mid morning snack a banana,lunch a can of tuna or chicken and rice... another banana or 2 about 3.30..workout at 4.30...after workout 2 chicken breast and pasta and a carb-protien shake.i workout 3 days a week.when im not training for dinner i have chicken and vegetables with a little pasta.
    i have another banana or 2 about 9pm and have a whey protien shake before bed.
    i've been told to keep my workouts to 1 hour by the gym owner..i am putting my faith in him and doing this...without asking why...i used to train for 1 and a half hours...can anyone tell me why to only keep it to an hour?
    then i do my cardio (total time in gym about 2 hours)
    i've built my cardio up to an hour(half hour on the exercise bike and half hour on the cross trainer).
    is my diet ok or do i need to change it?(or anything else for that matter?)
    thanks again guys

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    At a glance, it needs a lot of work. Can you please repost it broken down with time of day for each meal, and provide accurate macro info for each meal (protein/carbs/fat/total calories)?

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    yer needs a lot of work mate. your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dont forget your body has just come out an 8 hour fast. i would try this
    4 egg whites 1 whole egg omlette with a bowl of porridge or some oats water and protein powder shake. try and have something like this everyday for breakfast, it its not possible try to have lots of natural peanut butter on toast cos this contains a lot of protein.

    hit me back and ill give you some pointers for the rest of your daily meals

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    i dont know how much protien/carbs are in what i eat..i was hoping you guys could help me with do i measure or find out the amount of protien in each item?
    i have my breakfat usually about 6 40a.m
    mid morning banana about 10a.m
    lunch 12
    mid afternoon banana about 3p.m
    dinner about 6.30p.m
    evening banana about 9-10p.m
    protien shake before bed about 10.30-11pm.
    thanks for any help guys

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