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    Should red meat always be eaten late in the day?

    Everyday for one of my meals I'll have some lean ground beef (93/7) and was wondering if it really mattered at what point I ate it. Before I go to sleep I have 50g of casein protein with 2 tbsp of natural PB. So since I am consuming a slow digesting meal right before bed, so does it matter when I have red meat during my day (since I know it is also slow digesting)?

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    You're fine. =)

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    rock on. i change mine around all the time anyhow. and spread my red meat through out the day mixed with white.

    back home, i broil about six cuts of each red and chicken for the next day. or maybe my week change and i do it for that day. then i will mix a red and white together. three times a day, if not four. tuna, shakes, oats, whitefish, pasta and others in between. there is no rule. just get in the protein good and spread out.

    i also prepare shakes for when i wake in the a.m. to be drunk quickly and back to sleep if i wake.

    i pack weight on nicely, and clean.

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