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    Thumbs up how much time does it take to have an empty stomach after a meal

    Everybody talks about cardio on an empty stomach, but how much time does it take for the stomach to empty itself after a meal.

    I do my cardio in the evening, 2hours after or before supper.

    And i limite carbs at night, if i eat some its gonna be from fiber not starch

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    Depends what you eat. If you have a scoop of whey and some dextrose, you can literally say your stomach is empty within the hour. Now, if you hack down a PHAT steak and some brown rice and veggies, it will stay with you for 3-5 hours...thats why we eat at least every 3 hours, not for the hell of it..i got better things to do then eat all day, but it is rather to make sure your body always has fresh nutrients in which to work with to build muscle. Also it depends on your metabolism. Maybe wait 2-3 hours just to be safe...but make sure to have protein AFTER..It's a must.

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    I think PPP covered that well it does depend on what you eat you know the bloated feeling you get when you eat loads and how long it takes for you to feel normal again!

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