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    Question Microwave YES or NO

    Hi guys.I read somewhere that i should eat food cold (just by room temperature) and first eat proteins and after carbohydrates. So I have being eating like this for a while.My boxes with chicken and rise are cold (I dont put them into microwave before eating) and I eat chicken firts and than rise.
    My question is: Do anyone of you guys same think? Or it is just bulshit and I shouldnt do it.
    1.dont put into microwave before eating to get it warm and eating cold
    2.eating meat before rise or any side dishes

    Thanks for answering and sorry for English I am Czech

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    This is the kind of stuff I HATE!!! IMO, this much thought doesn't need to go into eating, plain and simple. Just eat, eat the right foods at the right times and you'll be fine. Don't worry about how it's cooked, or in what order you eat the foods. It's not a fvcking science experiment!

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    I did see on Good Eats that microwave kills some antioxidants in broccoli.

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