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    Macros help needed please

    Help Me! My Diet is a mess!
    Here goes - My stats, if you need anything else pls ask and i will bow down to those with superiour knowledge, knowledge is the key to everything. I suppose in this case its not what you know but who you know...

    Age - 33
    Weight - 98kg (215lbs)
    Height - 6'0 (182.88cm)
    BF% - 20% (need Calipers to be exact)

    Train from 10am - 11.30am (Mon-Fri) Some Saturdays Cardio 45 mins
    Work from 1pm - 1am (Mon-Sat)

    Harris Benedict - BMR 2098.6
    TDEE 3252.83 (Mod Active)
    Katch McArdle - BMR 2486.8
    TDEE 3854.54

    MY Diet 7 Days
    Drink 4L water Daily.

    9 am: meal 1

    1 cup Oat + 8 egg whites + 2 whole egg + black coffee (glutamine with eggs)

    from 10 to 11:30am workout

    11:30 am: PW

    Whey Protien + banana + 1/2 cup Oat (Creatine with Shake) (BCAA)

    12.30 pm: Meal 2

    1/2 cup Oat + 4oz Skinless chicken Breast
    Large Bowl Green Salad
    (+) Lemon
    (+) tpsp Olive Oil

    3.30 pm: Meal 3

    4oz Skinless chicken Breast + 2 sweet Potato + Veggies

    6.30 pm: Meal 4

    4oz Skinless Chicken Breast + 1 Cup Brown rice + Veggie Salad

    9.30 pm: Meal 5

    Tuna in water + 1 tpsp flax seed oil

    Before bed: Meal 6

    Casien Protien + natty PB + Multi Vits

    Please note i have only just put this Diet together, Previously to this i was trying the following diet unsuccessfully :

    Before gym 10am: Oats/ 10 egg whites with glutamine/ Coffee.
    2. After gym 1pm: ProPeptide (protein shake) with creatine.
    3. About 3pm: Chicken breast with brown rice.
    4. About 5pm: 2 cans of tuna with sweetcorn.
    5. About 7pm: Meal replacement with an apple.
    6. About 10pm: Chicken breast with brown rice again.
    7. About 1am: Meal Replacement and an apple.
    8. Before bed: Peptide shake and vitc/calcium/fish oil tablets.
    No Carbs/Dairy after 7pm.

    As you can see it is not much of a diet but this is where i am stuck i have tried changing it to the best of my knowledge but my knowledge is just too limited opposed to thise of experts who have researched stuff that would take me years...
    Other questions i have are as follow, some may seem stupid but i need to know, so i apologise first for the silly questions lads:

    1.What veg should i consume if on a cutting diet?
    2.What should i snack on if i get hungry? Nuts?
    3.How should i cook my chicken breast? Scared of putting mayo on my tuna just in case i am consuming the wrong stuff?
    4.When is it best to have a cheat meal? I have mine on Sunday nights normally?
    5.Should my diet be different on non training days?
    6.Is there any other supplements i should take or not take? listed below...
    7.Do i sound insane? I do to my self....

    Protein i tend to stick to is - Shakes / Egg Whites / Chicken Breast / Tuna / Salmon. These are easily and readily available to me

    Carbs i like to eat - Oats (with water) / Sweet Potato / Brown Rice.

    Fats - Olive Oil / Peanut Butter / Fish oils / Udos oil. (Can i eat KP Nuts Spicy flavour???)

    Supplements i take - Glutamine / Creatine / BCAA / MultiVits / Vit C / Vit B Complex / Zinc / Vit E

    I believe there are several elements to becoming successful in the gym
    firstly - training,
    secondly and may be more importantly - dieting correctly, consuming adequte amounts of water (How much is the norm if training?)
    third - correct supplementation,
    fourth - if on ASS; correct use and correct PCT.

    I need help with all of the above lads and i am very grateful for all your input even if you just slag me off or fob me off. Just been through a hard time and the gym is the only thing that helps me vent my frustration. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

    Thankyou kind people and i love this site it is has helped me learn alot about the gym, things that i was previously oblivious to.

    Kind Regards

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    For your tuna.... tsp of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, some herbs, and couple cracks of fresh ground pepper. And no you do not sound insane, I just got my diet touched up from some pros here. From my point of view it looks really good, 11:30 meal may need adjusting. Supps look great. Cook you chicken breast however you like it most... grilled or baked. Dont over cook it, no one likes to choke on chicken haha also make sure to spice it differently and switch it up or you will get major bored of it fast! But ill let a pro take it from here.... just a heads up there gonna want to know your macros of each meal (cals, fat, carbs, protein) just look up nutritional facts online if you dont have the product in front of you.

    anyways good luck!

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    Castro - not for nothing dude, but you already started a thread with the exact same body. Delete one, or ask a mod to do so please.

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