Current stats 213lbs 14bf...

Egg, white only
Egg, whole
Protein shake
workout- Whey Shake
whole wheat spaghetti with turkey
Chicken 6 0z
Brown Rice
Mixed nuts
Chicken, 6oz
Brown rice
Chicken 6oz
Brown rice
Fish, tilapia
Brown rice
Cheese, cottage
Bread, whole wheat grains

106 fat
333 carbs
280 proetin

Im doing a lean bulk currently. I've put on some good weight over the past 4 weeks. I think I need to up the cals a little bit. I also want to stat incorporate some yams or sweet potatoes into the mix. Maybe some other forms of carbs. Also I think the fat information is a bit off. Fit day gave me a reading of 21grams for 6 oz of chicken doesn't seem correct. I'm also going to sub the Spaghetti with tuna sometimes. I use tuna in a mini pita. I may just toss it in tho get the protein and cals up. The does does change every now and again but 6-7 days this is it.

Running 550cyp-550eq at 12 weeks. On week 5. Put on 7lbs. Plan on running it at 12 weeks. Going to toss in winny on week 7. So do I have to change my diet at all for cutting a little. I've been meaning to write this for the last couple weeks but I'm a busy girl and I knew where my cals carbs and protein were at. Im not sure how to proceed after I get into the winny? Do I cut back at all on carbs or cals? Never ran it before. My buddy who I get my gear from says my diet is tits an to just keep eating. He is a personal trainer. But I always have open ears. That and I think everyone thinks they are a no it all.