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    help and thoughts on diet and decreasing lower stomach

    eating at about macros of:
    50% p
    25% f
    25% c

    eating around 2200 cals a day...

    21yrs old currently 165lbs and 5ft 10"...
    looking to really fine tune the mid section, as rest of my body is quiet lean.
    Cardio is moderate to high intensity 70%+ max HR-40 mins every day 5:30am (fasted cardio)
    staple supplements: EFA's by scivation
    iso-100 wpi by dymatize
    fish oils (generic)
    flax oil in food at each MAIN MEAL ( B,L,D)
    I eat my last meal at 7:30pm so i get about 3 hours before bed and 10 hours before next cardio.
    I have gone off lifting due to getting "tight" for running as i am training to compete later on in the 10km events in Australia-2 years away...
    any suggestions as to what i can do to help lower bf and help with lower stomach, as well as help with "extra" supplements that can increase thermogenesis etc etc etc

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    You really can't spot reduce bodyfat. Bodyfat is going to come off in whatever way your genetics dictates. That said, you're fat looks high to me, i'd get it down to 20% tops, 15% would be ideal IMO. Make sure your caloric deficit isn't ridiculously low (no less then 500 below maintenance) and you have a dialed in cardio routine.

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    ^GB hit it right on the head. Men are geneticly programed to store fat around out wasteline, Thats first place is stored and the last place its lost. I laugh at the people i see in the gym doing 30 minutes of crunches and planks thinking thats gonna give them the 6 pack they want.

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