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    carb / protein / fat ratio??

    wat is the recommended carb / protein / fat ratio.... cus ive been hearing lots of different numbers all over the place and its not helping to make a diet ...
    i hear 55 c / 35 p / 15 f
    then i hear 40 p / 30 c / 30 f
    etc etc so wtf... any1 clear this up for me plz?

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    U wont go far wrong with a 40 40 20 diet

    But it depends on ur bodytype, how u respond to carbs and ur goals

    If ur an ecto you could switch it to 30 50 20

    Try somthing and see how ur body responds

    There is no correct answer, only results, so see how u do on a 40 40 20

    If ur dieting u may wanna go 50, 30, 20

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    As base said, provided your total cals match your goals, 40/40/20 is pretty standard and 50/30/20 as well if you're not very active and trying to cut. Good advice but if you want something specific to you; it's more complex:

    Give us a brief summary of your history, goals, body stats, and food choices if you want an answer that's 100%

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