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    Anyone else done "ZONE" dieting? (great success but plateuing)

    I've been back at it for 9 weeks now after a 3 year hiatus, I'm eating on the "zone diet"

    Every meal is 35gs protein 45gs carbs and 7.5gs fat
    I'm eating about 2kcals per day 5'10 170 pounds 13%ish

    I've literally lost 10% bodyfat (according to the navy method with tape measure) in the last 2.5 months and gained 8 pounds.

    I've just done olympic lifts and 30mins cardio on off days, I alternate legs/upperbody every other day. (overhead,front, back squats/deads/ shoulder,bench presses/weighted chins/dips)

    I seem to be plateauing however, the tape measure has called me at 10% (which isn't accurate but its consistent) for the last two weeks. Should I bump cals for a while get my metabolism revved back up and then drop cals back to 2k?

    My diet is good all my carbs are from fruit/veggies and popcorn for snack. all my fats are natty pb, olive oil, macadamias, almonds and fish oil. Protein is chicken/turkey/tuna/roastbeef/whey

    Should I try maybe cardio on empty stomach in the morning? I was always told that it burned muscle, but I'm beginning to think more people do it and are successful.

    I've only platued for two weeks now but I was losing like 3/4 inch a week on my waist for 2+ months and now its just chillin, this seems to be my natural sticking point for bodyfat from when I lifted years ago so I feel like I might be doing something wrong.

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    I doubt many people here have used the diet considering this is a bodybuilding forum. Having said that, I actually like the macros for the most part.

    Post up your specific diet so we can see food choices, along with a few pics if you have them - we can help with the bodyfat estimate and refining your diet based off of that.

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