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    does seltzer count at all toward water intake?

    I drink a decent amount of water but I drink a lot of seltzer everyday. Does it count at all toward water intake? I drink it plain, no chemical flavoring or anything. Sometimes lemon or oranges in it.

    What do you guys think? I asked 2 nutritionists and they didn't have definitive answers. Figured id throw it out here.

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    Seltzer is carbonated water and therefore counts toward water intake. This is what those 2 nutritionists have told you first and foremost. Both mineral content and pH of seltzer is somewhat different than regular water due to its modified chemical composition by the addition of carbon dioxide, however, seltzer too is essentially water and will perform similarly if not exactly the same on various levels such as hydration, regulation of body temp., transporting nutritions, regulating blood sugar levels and etc.

    My only suggestion would be moderating your daily consumption of seltzer and increasing your daily intake of water and this is largely due to the fact that seltzer will increase your BP levels. If you have low BP, it would be the right choice but otherwise, water is a better choice.

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    From time to time, I drink large quantities of diet tonic water...... mainly for the quinine to help prevent cramping......

    i can get a 2 litre botte for under a buck back home

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