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    so sick of tuna!

    hi guys

    my current diet in a nutshell is oats+whey, gym, oats+whey, chicken salad, tuna, chicken salad, ground beef, casein shake.

    i have tried all types of tuna starting from the 80c cans of yellowfin in springwater to the $3 cans of yellowfin slices in olive oil, i am sick of them all! let me add i am on a weight loss diet so i eat the tuna on its own straight out of the can followed by a small handful of almonds.

    im looking for possibly something to add to the tuna to make it easy to down? something like ketchup or mustard but without the carbs etc.

    any ideas?


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    I mix in with salad, with some kind of oil dressing, I can get the one I use for you, but that is what I do, I also fried it with some spice and veggies and it taste pretty good.

    Or just take the tuna out and cook up fish with dill

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    You could always just eat chicken instead. IMO, tuna is bad everyday because of the mercury levels, however, I'm sure there's plenty of people who eat tuna everyday for years and have no problems. Anyway, I use Gulden's spicy brown mustard; it tastes great and has nothing, but a tiny bit of sodium in it.

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    i love tuna lol.......why dont you try the Solid White Albacore Tuna in water,chip up some dill pickles in it,add fat free mayo,onions,eggs,lemon pepper,and red pepper powder,its the healthiest tuna out there and taste the best,just give it a try man,and dont buy the cheap brand,use Sunkist of Chicken of the sea

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    Why not just switch it up to another fish source? Salmon can easily replace the tuna in olive oil. If you're looking for a lower fat variety, tilapia is excellent - get a cajun spice dry rub and it'll be gtg!

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    Im all too familar with that circle of choice

    salmon: this is nice
    + week
    salmon: tastes like chicken
    + week
    salmon: fuk this this is impossable to eat
    + week
    oh look tuna
    tuna: this is nice
    + week
    tuna: tastes like chicken
    + week
    tuna: fuk this this is impossable to eat
    + week
    rinse and repeat with 5 different types of fish

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