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    how much above maintenance do you guys go when cycling?

    Say you're thinking about cycling test e 500mgs/week 10 wk. How far above maintenance are you guys looking to go?

    Little info about me: I usually bulk at 200-300+ no more and even then I have some fat gain which is basically due to having endo like tendencies (easily gain fat, at the same time muscle gains come at an average/below average pace). When I was a newbie to bbing I took the advice usually given to ectos and bulked at 500ish+ and I put on a lb a week. 40 weeks later I had gain around 40 lbs and was fat (20-25ish lbs of fat LOL). edit: The cut after was brutal LOL. experimented a lot after to find a good number to bulk at!

    So naturally while test will boost my body's capability to put on mass it still wont be (I think) as much of a gain as someone who can bulk at 500-750+ with no problems natty would receive from test.

    So yea how much do you guys think I should bulk at where muscle gain is maximized and fat gain is limited? 1000+? And ofcourse same with protein intake, far higher than normal but how much roughly per lb of BW?

    edit: 5'9" 170 BF no idea but I have flexed abs and decent vascularity. There is some fat that could be lost though. (Not focused on that ATM, want mass, i'll cut later. Probs a real cutting cycle far down the road).
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    I do not over-eat carbs and fats when I cycle for lean bulk.

    However, I tend to drastically increase my daily protein intake during a cycle, especially if that cycle involves a decent amount of AAS type that leans toward having stronger anabolic properties than those of androgenic .

    I save the over-eating of carbs and especially fats for PCT and after. There is a logic to all of it.

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    I would not force the weight gain bro...

    Never go above TDEE+750.... IMHO that is the limit for on cycle and even that would be for a noob TBH...

    TDEE+500 is about where u wanna be.... That is 1 solid lb a week so 10 lbs off a cycle.... And that is good going IMO

    The Test may help you to gain more than one lb per week.... Get skin fold tests done and make adjustments throughout your cycle...

    Maybe begin at +250, then go to +500 and then onto +750....

    2 weeks at each and see how u get on... If ur not gaining BF then keep increasing the cals...

    No1 can give u a defo answer.... It is dose and genetic dependent IMO
    Don't be a 'Bro'..... Believe nothing....Question everything

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