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    Quick carb cycling question

    I have a couple quick questions regarding carb cycling.

    Ive been doing some research and everyone seems to contradict each other. Some call for high, mod, low and some call for high, mod, low.

    Im 6'3" 26yrs old, about 230 pounds and around 11-12%bf

    Im just wondering what works best.

    M- moderate, about 150g
    T- High, about 300g
    W- Low, about 50g
    TH- moderate, about 150g
    F- High, about 300g
    S- Low, about 50g
    S- Low, about 50g

    or would it work better to replace low carb days with no carb days?

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    My low carb days consist of 20g of oats for breakfast. Are you priming for a cycle?
    Have you started this diet ? Listen to your body, if u don't think your making quick enough progress adjust carbs to suit.

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    I do it as normal, low, no carbs. I'm cutting while priming.

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    I keep my carbs in a range of 150g to 225g (225g being the absolute most) I've been dieting for six weeks and lost a total 13 1/2 lbs.

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    How many days/week do you workout? My carb cycling approach is very simple; moderate on workout days (for me moderate; you might want to make it high), and extremely low on non-workout days - almost all carbs only in the form of fibrous veggies.

    My routine has me working out 4x a week, so I get 4 good carb fueled days, and 3 without, which also serves as my more calorie restricted days, taking care of calorie cycling/deficit (i'm cutting).

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    Yup, there are a bunch of em. I hate the no carb, carb cycling. I feel like your body just fights for a day to go into Ketosis and your just going to end up refeeding it carbs the following day anyway, so whats the point. You just feel like hell for a day basically...Check out Ronnie's Slingshot Carb Cycling program, i think you'll like it.

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