its been a week today since I started my first cycle. I have kept my same training schedule (5 days a week for an hour to 1 1/2 hr) and now eat around 4000 kcal a day, (based on a BMR calculator I used, stats being 6 ft 1, 185 lbs, 25yrs old and moderately active giving me 3000 kcal day, so I figured to gain 2lbs a week I needed 1000 kcal above bmr. also getting 250g protien and about 400g carbs. unfortunately about half of all that is from mass gainers and shakes, I intend on getting more of it from real food.. does this sound right to you guys? Im not fat at all, you can only see the "top 4" abs though, my scale says im 11% bf but I know how inaccurate the capacitance based bf calculators are. I have gained about 5 Lbs in that first week, but I suspect most of that is water weight, not muscle gains. also, I would consider myself a slight hard gainer.