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    Diet & Diuretics...

    I have a beach party next weekend and want to shed the extra water weight. I have a pretty strict diet (I will keep my sodium low this week too), fasted cardio AM, weights PM and cardio PM. I'm currently 13-14% or so BF.

    Thoughts on using a water pill next week? What about just a sauna in the AMs after cardio? I've never taken those types of pills and wanted to feel out the forum to get some feedback.

    I fully understand that diuretics do not contribute to weight loss and it's strictly removing excess water from the body. Just want to look lean for a day or two.

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    If you're normaly drinking a lot of water slowly decrease your intake up to that day. A couple days before a couple caps of herbal diuretic, like dandilion root, can help. Or if you can get them a potassium sparing diurtic like lasiks is great for just one day. I definitley wouldnt make a habbit of this.

    It can turn into an obsession, your body stores that water for a reason so i wouldn't consider it a healthy practice

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