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    girl diet wanted

    hi, im trying to get a decent diet for my cousin but when i search i get "check sticky" but there isnt any for females in general... maybe im searching wrong?

    can someone give me links? 99% of the posts are for males

    21yrs old, 62KG, 20% +/-2% BF
    goal: to lose 4 KG

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    I highly doubt someome is just going to make you a diet. Can you post what what your cousin is eating now and maybe we can tweak it. And with her current eating plan, is she still gaining, losing or staying the same?

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    by check sticky they are referring to what foods to eat.. which are in the sticky

    for a diet you need to find her BMR and her TDEE (

    take 500 calories off of her TDEE.. primarily from carbs.. heve her do some cardio 3-5 times a week or as much as she can..

    you can literally lose 5lbs of bloated water weight in a day or two just by not eating junk food.. and adjusting food intake.. realistic goal is .5 kg a week.. althhoiugh 1kg a week is obtainable if she does a good amount of cardio

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    Get her to join the site to get the best help for her so she can post what she eats....
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