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    Need a diet plan?

    Hey guys i have always eaten healthy and kept away from high fat food but i have never had a stable diet plan. I am looking to take my training to more intense levels and be stricter than ever.

    Currently this is what i am thinking all criticism, hints, and tips will be appreciated along with everyone who helps me alter my dietary plan thanks heaps.

    4-5 Weetbix with milk, also may try oatmeal (never had them before)

    SNACK:95grams tuna in olive oil (is water better?) eaten with a weat biscuit (cruskit 3 of them = 1 slice of bread)

    LUNCH will vary depending on what i feel like (NEED HELP WITH LUNCH MEALS)

    Not 100% sure what to have as a snack?

    Before workout:
    40g Superior Whey Protein/with low fat milk
    7g-10g Lucene Powder
    15g Mesomorph (1time taking it)

    GYM 1H 30M

    40g Superior Whey Protein/with low fat milk
    7g-10g Lucene Powder

    DINNER: Whatever the old lady cooks up....BTW its always healthy involves lots of steamed vegetables and either chicken or meat.

    BEFORE BED:Either tuna or something else ( any suggestions).

    78kg gained 10kg in last year of training
    age: 19
    B/F: dont no would like to no how to calculate
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    Let's start off by seeing I you can give us the macros for those meals. It would be a much better starting point for analyzing your diet. Food choices arn't all that bad... Ive seen much worse for someone your age.

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