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    Bad Diet need help for my lifestyle

    hi all
    i have bin reading this site over a number of years and iv always found the answers iv needed so never really needed to join. but im getting slightly frustrated with my diet, i will write down as much info as possible.

    uk england
    age 23
    weight 208lb
    hight 6ft
    personally say 20 ish bf
    i am a professional golfer but work mostly in the golf shop(sitting down). i work mondays wednesdays fridays all day (7:30-7:30 atm) and saturday and sunday afternoons (12-8) with tues and thurs off. i have been training since i was 15 but never serious, over the past 2 years i have been training more and 6 months ago i done my 1st cycle hoping i would lose weight but gain size, i gained size but also gained fat, it used EQ 10 wks @ 400mg with anavar wks 4-10 @ 30mg, my diet can be anything with the cafe next door to the golf shop and my days off being mostly fast food.

    average working day
    wake up at 7am
    coffee with milk 7.30am
    full english fry up + water 10am
    bacon sandwich 1ish
    protein shake 4ish
    eat chicken or beef with potatoes an veg 8pm

    my days off can be
    wake up at 11am
    gym 12ish
    pwo protein shake with bcaa
    pasta 5pm
    snake of night time if hungry

    now i no its the worst diet, well i cant call it a diet the worst pile of crap uv seen, but iv had so many people telling me different things i get disheartened and just give up. i want to do a cycle agen but i need to fix up and stop being a complete and loose weight. i can eat pretty much anything bar nuts jus dont like them.

    now i will take a shot in the dark and put a diet up i can stick too but i will need advice to change things around


    bowl oats
    skimmed milk
    protein shake

    4 scrambled eggs
    3 bacon
    tinned tomatoes

    a snack of some sort?

    chicken of beef
    seasoning (gravy, mint sauce)

    any help would be greatfull, i dont no how to post pics i have got some on my comp if i can email someone?

    thanx james

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    Stay off cycle. You can't fix a bad diet with steroids . You are so far off with diet that its hard to tell you where to start other than lots of reading. Posting up a diet with no macros is pretty much a waste of time. No one is going to look up your macros for you.

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    DO NOT start a AAS cycle, have you read any of the stickies in this section or read through some other threads for similar diets ? I guess not.

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    i havnt done the macros thing as i dont cook half of it so i dont no the ingredients, i also have read the stickies but i cant seem to fit them in. i can see what you are both saying tho and i will take it on board. i wont do a cycle because i no im not fit enough, what split would be best? carb/prot/fat? thanks guys

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