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Thread: Cycle Diet

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    Cycle Diet

    I am starting my first cycle soon. I am trying to get a final hold on how I am going to change my diet for the duration of the cycle.
    I am doing test-e (500mg) and EQ (400mg) for 12 weeks.
    I currently weigh about 187 and my BF is low (around 7-8%).
    I want to put on as much muscle as possible.
    I currently eat around 3300 calories and my diet is clean.
    Currently protein is about 1.5g per pound of bodyweight.
    Fat is around 22% of calories and clean carbs makes up the rest.

    What I am planning on doing is increasing my calories to 3800.
    Protein to 2g per pound of bodyweight.
    Carbs to 2g per pound of bodyweight
    Fat, 20% of total calories.

    Does anyone have any advice or opinion on whether this will help me gain some weight and most importantly muscle mass?

    Any ideas about change, if necessary, would be helpful.

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    Looks pretty good to me, as long as you keep the fats healthy and carbs good quality you should be fine. I like the 500cals above maintenance for bulking. Your protein is high but I think the anabolic properties of the EQ will help make that work.


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    Looks good although I usually go 2.5 x per lb of lbm on the carbs when bulking.

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    2g of protein is a lot. I eat about 1.5g now. If it's not necessary, or I am not feeling like I have energy, I'll drop down some on the protein and make up the difference with carbs. Or would I be better off starting off with less protein (like 1.5g/lb of bw) right off the bat?

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