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    My body belongs to you all

    ok, here we go... First day on here. here are my stats.

    I am

    BF 11%

    Looking to get about to 220 and have nice cuts.

    I have been 145 all my life and I went to Spain last year for 4 days and visited a nude beach and I was so embarrassed of my body and this time no shirt to hide my thin body. In Feb I decided I was going to go at this full time. I started taking protein shakes and eating a lot more.

    I was 145 LBS on Feb 2nd. and today I am at 185LBS. I started working out in the Gym back in Feb about 4-5 days a week.

    My goal is 220, something like Jordan use to look or Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, 6'4 220 nice cuts. I am not looking to get huge.

    My diet is everything and anything. I know Del Taco a few times a week and Chilis is not good, but some times I am full and need the extra calories for the day. I am avg 4,000 to 4,500 a day to gain the weight.

    I am still thin but a small belly after 40Lbs gain with 40 Lbs to go.

    I am seeking help from you all. I will be dedicated to you. I will upload photos and keep my trainers in the loop always till i reach the 220

    I do a bod pod monthly, the next one is on this Wed. It is a capsule I get in that measures my body fat and lean tissue, kinda cool. I will update that as I go along also.

    A friend of mine who is a gear user and a MMA fighter told me to take 100mg test E and Deca 100mg a week for 10 weeks. I am seeing that most first cycles are test e 400 a week only. I just did one pin last week and that was it.

    any help would be great.

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    First off welcome.

    Are you saying you gained 40lbs since Feb of this year...gained 40lbs in roughly fours month is a ton. Pics would definitely help. I know you stated you had a little belly now, but gaining that quick and eating Del Taco, Chilis, etc would do that to you. To be honest even gaining a little belly is probably better than what you were sitting at before.

    Do you happen to watch you macros right now at all? Meaning do you know how much protein, carbs, and fat is in your diet on a daily basis? If you don't you will need to get a diet in line so that your future gains aren't just fat. I am personally on a 4000 calorie diet a day and i do around 500 carbs/ 350 protein/75 fat. I'm also about 20lbs heavier so you can gain with less cals that that.

    Do a little reading on some bulking diets on here in this section, stick to the basics, and IMO stay away from the steroids for now. Only being in the gym 4-5 months is not enough time to build a good enough base.

    Best of luck with your future bulk.

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    Feb 2011 145LBS

    June 2011 185LBS

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    Nice improvements, you need to post what you eat and time. then we can tell you what you need to add to it.

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    Why do you want to use gear? Sounds like you are making phenominal gains with just diet and exercise. Skip the gear, get your diet dialed in and keep growing the way you have been.

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