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    help me with my Diet plan please

    Im 5'7 155 lbs . I want to gain mass and get stronger And i want my Abs to be more defined ... What kind of foods should i eat to gain mass but not gain to much body fat ? .. how many grams of protein should i consume a day, how many meals a day on average etc etc .. please give me some advice

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    this will do it for you:

    Meal 1: Pro/Carb
    8 Egg Whites, 1 Scoop Of Whey Protein, 1 cup oatmeal
    50g protein / 54g carbs / 5g fat

    Meal 2: Pro/Fat
    Lean Ground Beef, cup swiss cheese, green veggies
    55g protein / 2g carbs / 20g fat

    Meal 3: Pro/Carb
    Chicken Breast, 1 and a half cup Brown Rice
    55g protein / 64g carbs / 3g Fat
    **Disclaimer: Meal 3 can be a pro/fat meal if you are ultra sensitive to carb intake.

    Meal 4: Pro/Fat
    2 Cans of Tuna, 1 Tbsp Full Fat Mayonnaise, Veggies
    60g protein / 2g carbs / 13g Fat


    Meal 5: PWO Nutrition
    2 Scoops Whey Protein / 80g of Dextrose
    40g protein / 80g carbs / 0g fat

    Meal 6: PPWO
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, cup Brown Rice (Measured Uncooked)
    50g protein / 70g carbs / 3g fat

    Meal 7: Pro/Fat
    Lean Protein of your choice, 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
    50g protein / 5g carbs / 18g fat

    Meal 8: Before Bed
    3 Scoops of Whey Protein, 1.5 Tbsp. Flax Seed Oil
    60g protein / 3g carbs / 21g Fat

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