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    Critique me/ Flame me/ BRING IT ON!!!

    Embarrassing BF% after cycle.

    I'm mainly posting this to teach my ass a lesson and get ****ing motivated.. 24.5% BF is UN-Acceptable!!!

    24.5% BF

    4 days a week m/t/th/f
    two hours at a time
    NO Cardio
    No more then 2 minutes between sets
    No work-out partner so i couldn't push past failure

    Honestly i concentrated on chest/back/shoulder/arms working each twice a week. (i've always lacked in upper body strength)

    Wasn't the "cleanest" but there was no soda/alchohol
    no fast food/fried food/shitty carbs like candy/donuts etc
    I made sure to eat almost 400g protien a day
    eating every 2-4 hours and a shake before bed.

    Pre-workout (a banana 30 min before lifting)
    PWO Shake (2 scoops chocolate Wheat Protien, 5g L-glutamine, 1 tblspn Natty Almond butter, 1 banana)
    multi-vitamin (2 a day GNC style)
    and the AI on cycle and serm post cycle with HCG between cycle and PCT

    Thought i was doing good and was around 18-20%.....

    went and got "calipered" only to find out i'm 24.5%...

    It's been a week since i finished PCT from my first ever 9 week 500mg/wk test-E cycle. (cycle starting weight 260... ending weight ... 260.. and yes i ate high protien, (cycled carbs) diet and LOTS of food)

    Guess i packed on a few % bf when i was bulking up..

    I went to the doctor yesterday and they took my blood pressure three times and got 180/80, 164/82, 166/81. That freaked me out so i drove to wal mart and H.E.B both and checked my blood pressure.. the machines said it was mid 130's over mid 70's

    So after avoiding cardio at all costs while i was on cycle till today i think it's time to start again, to fix blood pressure and fat ass syndrome.

    I've been worried that if i start "cutting" it'll be muscle suicide but since i came off cycle i've dropped 10 lbs and my arms are still 16.5" and i'm still lifting the same weight.

    Any thought's, ideas, comments, FLAMES, bitches, or just plain ****ing opinions.

    I think if you do the math i'me currently 250lbs and 24% BF (assuming i'll lose 10-15lbs muscle) in dropping fat i should be aiming for 12%bf or 205-210lbs

    Hopefully thats a target i can hit by august 1st or so. If not that'll put off my anavar cycle till i get to 205-210

    So FLAME ON!!!

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    Gotta do some cardio IMO
    Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.
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    How about post your actual diet for one including macros, then do some cardio for 2!

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    Thank you two for your responses, I've added 30 minutes of stair master to the end of every work out and picked up a few mma classes during the week as well.. Lets hope i drop weight

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    You've got a lot of work to do. You need to post up your exact diet of what you've been eating every day. In order to lose weight, your going to have to be willing to eat the same 6 meals every day for up to 4-5 months at a time before changing your diet significantly. Also, 400g of protein is way too much. Lose 10% Bodyfat is impossible by August just so you know. Most of your original weight loss will be water weight. Getting down to 15% Bodyfat from your current stats you're looking at 6 months of serious dieting in my honest opinion.

    Secondly, Test E @ 9 weeks is kindof pointless, and this shows me your inadequate knowledge to the world of AAS. I would strongly reccommend staying away from any steroid for atleast another year until you've committed to better training and dieting. FYI - Test E Takes 4-6 weeks to kick in, so you only got a few weeks of the compound actually working, meanwhile you were shutdown for those entire 9 weeks.

    An Anavar only cycle is stupid. Spend your spare time reading the educational threads about steroid use to get a better idea of how to formulate a cycle for the future.

    The only thing you should be doing is cutting. Remove the word bulk from your vocabulary all together. If you diet properly, there will be minimal muscle loss.

    I can also tell you 2 hours at the gym with weights is overtraining. You should only be giving yourself 30 - 60 seconds of rest between sets and 2-3 minutes of rest between exercises (Probably the exception is Squats, Deadlift, and Bench Press since they are the big 3).

    Cardio needs to be your best friend. I would say 45 minutes / 6 days a week at a minimum to start. Aim for 60-70% of your max heart rate.

    Read this too:

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    Windex, I love you.

    I ran test for only 9 weeks instead of 10 (as per the stickied newbie cycle) b/c of a "bad" injection. I pinned through a vein (nothing when i aspirated) but boy did it bleed into the muscle. you'd have thought i took one of those BFC monster drink cans and injected it into my ass cheek. needless to say it was a lesson learned and i took it as an "Omen" to just drop the last week and go ahead and shoot for PCT.

    I've read my ass off on Anavar and by the end of each research "session" i change my mind... low dose anavar no test, low dose anavar low test cyp, normal dose var low test ... etc...

    When i reach my <15% i'll decide, till then i'll change my mind every other day or two till i get there.

    about the "pointless 9 week test -e cycle"

    after reading ronnies sling shot method and doing side research on the effects of aa's i've concluded that 8 week cycles are a best fit for me. i don't want to shut my system down and LONGER then i feel comfortable, and the consensus seems to be that the longer your shut down the harder is it or worst off you are in getting shit back up and running. besides ronnie says at 8 weeks u either up your dose or take two weeks off to deload.

    and yes Cardio has become my new best friend. I'm getting about an hour of cardio 5 days a week ( weekends i get my son so i play with him outside )

    I've stickied your thread. i'll read it next time i sit down for a bit.

    Thanks again for the help.

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