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    Question Maximum Lean Muscle Gain per Week ??

    I've dropped about 30 pounds from my last bulking cycle while doing tons of cardio and eating a lot less to bring my body fat down from ~20 % to ~10%. I'm now going to be running a 16 week cycle starting in July and am wondering how I should structure my diet for this bulk.

    Should I take in an extra 500 calories per day in order to gain a pound per week (only gives me 16 pounds gain) or 1000 calories extra per day to gain ~32 pounds. I'd think there has to be some kind of limit to how much your body can turn into muscle and the rest is going to be fat or pass through you but I have no clue on that magic number.

    I worked very hard to lean up so I don't want to have to go right back to where I was before but want to gain maximum lean muscle tissue without to much fat. I'll continue to do cardio while on this cycle but just not sure how much I'll do ... right now it's ~6 days a week for 1 hour every morning on an empty stomach and am thinking of cutting that down to 3 days per week during the cycle.

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    it all depends on how far advanced you are in your own bodybuilding career, full stats would help us determine this for you ie age weight and height and years training.

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