I am currently on my bulk and was wondering your thoughts on oatmeal shakes and quantities.

Shake consists of:

12 oz 1% milk
1 scoop Syntha 6 Protein
1 cup ground raw up raw oats

I know shakes aren't idea as real food is a better choice, but are these ok since they have good complex carbs for them as a meal replacement?

Typically I am having 2-3 shakes per day depending on my macros/real food intake. I have one in the morning, one post workout, and sometimes one before bed.

I know that I will the worst time to have this shake would be before bed since I have a fast acting protein source, but can someone please explain why oats before bed would be a bad choice? I know its a slow burning carb and some stay away from carbs that late, but my gains have been steady and pretty clean using these methods.

Thanks for all that help. This is a great forum and I appreciate everyone's help.