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    What would happen if........

    you were NOT on any AS, but were doing a pretty good size cardio.......(20-30 min)......working out regularly, AND on a high protein(200-250g), low carb(150-250g) diet??? I'm thinking lose a lot of body fat and possibly muscle, just get real skinny???? Any ideas???? Thanks Bro's!!

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    Actually, thats my diet and regime right now...

    Let me tell ya, its extremely difficult to gain strength but its possible, because your nutrients and recovery is limited. But yeah the body fats just melting off!

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    Before I started my cycle, I was on a low carb (about 120-150 grams a day) and high protein diet with moderate fats. I was losing bf and "maintaining" my muscle. The key is to not go too low on your carbs but low enough to lose the fat.

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    I would up the carbs to about 300-350 g's for 2 days a week, 250, 3 days a week, and 150-200 2 days a week. This zig zag method is a good way of cutting some fat without losing quality muscle. Trust me, you will see results.

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