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    Stuck @ 10% bf! Tweak diet or cardio?

    Am 29, 11 years of training. Was really overweight and started lifting. Short story i am 186cms and 94kgs with 10%bf. i want to go down to 8 or 7% bf! My abs are fully visible but there is some kind of a jelly skin on my lower abs! Only lower, i dnt have any love handles
    Or anything just a 2-3 cms layer. I am currently on prop and winstrol .
    Cardio fasted: 6 times/week for 40-50mins.
    Morning(after cardio)50gs proteins(whey+casein),40gs carbs(3 weetabix), 10gs fat(5 almonds,100gs fishoil)
    2hrs later: 50gs proteins(1chicken breast), 5-10gs fats,salad
    Prewo: 50gs proteins(lean proteins),40gs of oats, salad
    Pwo shake: 30gs of whey
    30mins after the shake:50gs proteins, 40gs oats, salad
    Dinner: casein(25gs proteins) and 2 tbs pb+fishoil.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    40-50 mins cardio x 6day per week is enuff dude IMO.. im at 10% and not doing any cardio

    what u might wanna try is to change the TYPE of cardio ur doing.. a good HIIT routine for stubborn fat is

    5min warm up
    10mins HIIT
    5min complete rest
    40 mins moderate
    (here u can add another 10 mins HIIT if ur a wildman)
    5min cooldown

    thry to add this 2 or 3 days per week in place of 3 of ur days.. didnt total ur macros but carbs @20% total cals or less is also a good idea.. and then theres carb cycling!

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    drop the weetbix...unless you do 10+ if so id like to see you on a weetbix ad haha. take out the your second & third carb meals. too many carbs you have to be taking in very little carbs to get to the 1 digit area. dw though i was stuck on 12% for 4 weeks until i dropped my carbs down to 45 then within 3 weeks i dropped to 8%. you arent eating enough whole food either...seems like too many protein shakes and not enough meat. that layer of jelly sounds like loose skin to me. not much you can do about that expect toning up your lower abs with lower ab exercises.

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