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    workout while good diet?

    Hey all i have a question. Well i started a diet that i see is so far working out for me. High protien, medium carbs, and only the necesary fatty (pd, flax, olive). Now i notice my weight is starting to go down and i start to see me toning up. I'm at 154lb 5'6. now my questions is this. I don't want to loose that much weight and i remember someone in the board saying "GAINING MUSCLE IS HALF THE BATTLE OF LOOSING FAT" So with that in mind is am I working right? this is what I do.

    for everything i do 4 sets with 7 reps. I warm up and then every set i do i put more weight up. EXample

    Friday - warm up with 135lb for 7 reps. next time i add 30lb all together for 7 reps, then i add 30lb more 6 reps. then i add 20lb more 5 reps.

    am i supposed to be doing that? Or now that i'm dieting have a different workout? LIke not to heavy or to light weight and just do like 4 sets of the same weight with 10 reps?

    Also i wanted to mention i might be starting a cycle of test prop, test enthenate, winstrol , and eq. i know i have to increase my protien and carbs for that. but again i want very little fat, my whole goal is to gain quality gains. muscle not bloat. thanks

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    Might want to check into the Body For Life program.

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