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    diet pepsi and diet icecream

    well i want to ask if diet pepsi and diet icecream are realy low in calorie or it is a media shit to sell those products?coz i drink a lot of diet pepsi i am now cutting

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    Diet pepsi hasn't got so many calories, i think it's 1 calori per 100ml of diet Pepsi.

    What is more important however is that the diet pepsi will lead to some insulin in your blood which is not good while cutting cuz insulin is not anabolic in that matter that u put on some lean mass, it's also responsible for fat-storage...

    Thats why milk products are very shitty wile cutting becuz the have a high II (InsulinIndex), this is pretty similar to Glychemical Index (G.I)

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    I drink gallons of diet soda while on cutting diets and they have zero effect on me--it very much depends on the individual in question.

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    Diet pepsi has little or no effect on insulin levels in the body, but it is not something you want to be putting in your body often. Remember the experiment in junior high where u put the tooth in the cup of soda and let it sit? Not a great workout supplement. Fat free ice cream might be fat free..but so are sugar covered Easter Peeps. It is unbelievably high in sugars and carbs, all of them high GI. It also contains HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup. According to recent studies, the body does not store HFCS the same way it does others, leading to an increased fat storage of those types of calories. Remember its not the fats you want to watch on a diet, it's most usually the kinds of calories. Bottom line- don't drink gallons of diet soda, and stay far away from fat free ice cream.

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