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    Vitamins: Overdose or OK??

    Hi Guys,

    I am getting this multivitamin:

    and although it says one cap a day, I have seen many multi's with even higher dosages. Nevertheless I just wanted to get some opinions: is 2 caps a day of this too much??


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    Im too lazy to follow the link (just got back from the gym, BACK/TRIS day) But I can tell you that with some vitamins you can cause horrible damage, but others will just flush out and not get absorbed, I.E., B12.


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    hey x, go to this and check out their multies. On page one, they have an athletes timed release and on page 5 they have a men's timed release. They have a buy one get 2 free speacial as well. I have put up a post asking about this brand of vitamin and the nutrition info as well.
    It is in the supps section.

    bloc....why do you work your back and tris on the same day, shouldn't that be back and bis and chest and tris?

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